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yes you are right in some way's but check out this video toward's the end he say's about it ...listen carefully ...

there is a big chance of merging step's " why yes "
1. graduates tend to forget what's asked in test in step 1 when taking step 2 ,

eg: step 1 question's given in step 2 in experimental section of usmle ( ie 22 marks q's)
it was not being answered by student's , this question's what's the use of step 1 , science or clinic's

2. graduates have confusion between subject's and take it as different one's , which is not NBME aim to bring out good doctor's clinically and intellectually ,

eg: step 1 , 2 , 3 where asked same clinically relevant question which needed much integration between subject's , 3's always answered most of them ,2's less, and 3's least ;

their strategy to make scientific doctor's seem to fade , boz simply the materiel's are too vast to learn in 2 year's
they seem to recognize it now , boz every time they put an experiment it tends to prove that science should be learned from clinics and not the other way round ,
more to problem based learning , not relevant materiel "mugging up " learning then problem solving boz u seem to get lost in between ;

read the attached file for more insight to what actually is changing in education , i found it interesting


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