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All those who are going to appear in between Nov-Jan ...gather here !

A quick intro about you in the start will be nice in

your goal ?
applying in what month ?
what have you done uptill now ?
what will you do next ?
NBME scores
QBank scores

As for my part

goal : 250+
will sit in jan
2 reads of FA
2 read of kaplan + Goljan + pathoma
Kaplan qbank complete : 75 % avg
Kaplan simulated 1 : 76 %
Kaplan simulated 2 : 75 %

will do UsmleRx next month
the will move to UW

not given any NBMEs yet will give one after UsmleRx

Cheers ! :):)

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Just finished my application for Step 1 for the Jan-Nov period, I am a student finishing basic sciences at my med school. My year finishes at the end of Oct. so thats when i will start my intense study sessions.

The preparation material i will be using (have been using throught my courses);
-FA, have reviewed mostly bio,biochem and micro so far (during course)
-Kaplan lecture notes and videos (already watched 2010 and 2014 biochem and neuroscience videos, 2010 micro (it was kinda a waste), and have been watching the pharm videos as i go through pharm this semester. (all these along with lecture notes)
-Golijan, they are pretty good lectures BUT, without actually seeing him and his presentation i found it hard to follow along, although i knew what he was talking about and knew what the things would look like histologically. i didn't really like it so im not going to use it for further prep.
-Pathoma, watched mostly the later cancer videos (ovarian, breast, prostate etc.)
-Kaplan qbank, won a free year subscription a couple months ago at a conference, brings the Qbank, 1 diagnostic exam, and 2 full length exams. (haven't started)
-Uworld, have a friend studying with me, we will share the Kaplan and Uworld alternating one block Uworld one block Kaplan.
-Practice tests; doing Kap. diagnostic after 1 month (plan on reviewing all Kaplan Notes in the first month) Doing one Kaplan full length p exam, going to do Uworld form 1 the same day i do an NBME (to get stamina since they are only 4 blocks each) about 3 weeks before exam date, same with form 2 + NBME the week before the exam. and review FA the week of the exam

I am going to try and do 2 blocks and review them completely every day on the first month as i am doing Kaplan Notes/Pathoma. then ill have 2 months left where ill use Kaplan and Uworld+ FA.

My goal is to get a 235-240 with a prep time of 3 months, more or less. im excited!! haha
What do you think? tips? comments ?
you have really high grades from your Qbanks by the way congrats!
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