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Im a recent IMG graduate and Im sitting down to study for Steps. I have somewhat of a plan, but I cant seem to figure out a definitive time line. I plan to study about 8 hours a day full time, I hope thats about enough. Ill push it more obviously closer to my exam.

I'm aiming for a 260+ on the exam. Aim high, and maybe I'll score somewhere around there. I'm not under any time limit, but am aiming to spend no more than 10 months preparing.

My current Plan is to:
1. First read all kaplan books with videos, except patho, which Ill use Goljan with audio.
2. Finish Qbook section after each subject.
3. Do First Aid
4. Do Kaplan Qbank
5. Do Second read of Kaplan with FA.
6. UWorld
7. Third Read with NBMEs
8. EXAM!!

My main question is, how long should my first read with the kaplan videos take? How many pages should I aim to do in my first read....Not sure how long each of these steps will take me, so I'm really freaking out. If someone could help me assess the time it would take for each step in the above plan. I started doing physiology, aiming to do about 50 pgs a day. That was working out fine until I started doing the videos. Now its taking me forever. I think I want to do all the videos since they really improve your concepts, in my opinion. I was an above average student at med school, and my concepts are pretty solid. But my OCD makes me dive into details of everything, so the videos are a bit helpful psychologically also. I really want to hit 260. My first read duration is killing me. I feel like I'm going really slow, and have no idea how much time I should allocate to each subject.

My other question is....Do I need to add or subtract anything to hit a 260 - as in other resources I need with Kaplan. I heard HY Neuroanatomy was good, but not sure. I sort of want to limit my 'additionall' books if possible. But then I dont want to compromise on my score as well....I know nothing guarantees a score, but does the plan seem to be working towards a 260?

I have to take off a month and a half from about March to mid April because I'm giving my CS and will also be travelling for other reasons.....
Additionally please give me any feedback on my schedule!

Please help me out on the time schedule!! I'm driving myself nuts!


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Great studying plan!

Hey there! I might not be the right person to answer all your questions since I'm in your same position, I graduated from Med school last saturday :happy::eek: and going to start the reading in less than two weeks :eek: But since I was finishing my internship I started to get mentally prepared for the exam and this forum has helped me A LOT so my advice will be based on everything I've read around here and from my conversations with people that have taken the exam.

I've seen the videos myself and they're great but as you said time consuming :redcheeks; I think you should prioritize them on the subjects you consider 1) your weakest ones and/or 2) those who require a major understanding. I dont know if you have an ipod or iphone but I think Cramfighter it's a great way of organizing yourself and keep track on the time you're investing on each subject. There's a big post on this (

I think you know what you're doing and where you want to go so I recommend that you keep it "simple" and dont go crazy witht he additional reading, your plan is great to me and most of people do that and get great scores. From everything I've read they do recommend doing RRS Path and HY BS instead of using the Kaplan book. I think that'd cover everything up.

I hope I helped you out somehow. Go review the Recommended Step 1 Threads they'll help you a lot! Good luck! ;) It'd be nice if you keep us posted on your progress :D you'll get that 260!!
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