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Dear bright student/doctor,

Hello all,
I have taken my STEP 1 on August 31st, 2010 at Chennai, India. I just received my step 1 score report and I am amazed to find a very low score. I have talked over phone with ECFMG agent and she suggested me to request for a recheck. The lady over phone also told me that there was no single case of any wrong score report in her 3 years of service with ECFMG.

I am a very bright student of my class. I have worked with many top universities including Yale university and I have always been consistent in my performance as a student in all the exams I have attended so far in my life. I was very confident about getting a "99" percentile (not even 98) in my exam. I have also scored 95th percentile in NBME and performed well in other third party Qbanks like USMLE world. I did not face any difficulty answering most of the questions on my exam day. At max, I might be wrong with 4-5 questions per block in the exam. One more suspecting aspect of my score report is, I got a very low performance in "Behavioral sciences", but I am VERY sure I did very well in that subject.

I know you might have seen a lot of mails like this and I know its extremely rare to get an erroneous score report for a fully automated exam like STEP 1. But of note, my exam started 30 mins late during the exam day and when I inquired, the system administrator informed me that there is "an error" in the software.

Is there any1 else who have had similar experience in this whole world or am I the only most unluckiest person here? Any1 who have had success with rechecking their scores, please take some of your time off to post a reply as it means a LOT to me as this stage. Thank you for reading.
Dear Doctor,
Did u finally resolve the erronous results with USMLE?
I just got my results today-March 2, 2011. I was betting 95% or more.
But I got way below. I will never believe their system.
Is there any use in fighting with them to correct my score?

Will appreciate reply from you or any other affected members.
1 - 1 of 23 Posts
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