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Step 2 CK books

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I've just started my step 2 ck journey and have chosen to use Kaplan lecture notes along with dvds, UW qbank, kaplan qbank, kaplan qbook and FA.

I have two question regarding my plan:

1-As for step one, I've heard that many IMGs find reinforcing neuroantomy kap lecture notes with High Yield Anatomy useful and efficient. Is there any subject in step 2 ck also that should be reinforced with another book other than kap lecture note?

2-FA is an absolute requirement for step 1 and hence I used it and honestly speaking found it helpful, what do u people think, is it also necessary for step 2 ck in the same way, less important or neither at all?

I would like to tell you that I can extend my study plan for a month or so in order to ace the board in the best way I can. So please do not worry about the time, however, I wouldn't like to study anything that could be in some way mere wasting of time or further confusing:confused: to my study:scared:.

It's worth mentioning that I've read the recommended books for step 2 ck in this forum and also the poll results for the need of FA for step 2 ck, however, I could not find any good answer to my above mentioned questions:notsure:.

Waiting for ur sincere and kind response..
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The answers to your questions vary from person to person and that's why we have put polls to see the average answer.

However, here's my personal recommendations:

A1: No you don't need to supplement Kaplan notes with any other book. Kaplan notes are sufficient and perhaps even more than the required. As for the DVDs many IMGs find them useless specially in your case when you just finished Step 1. Most of what they talk is simply pathophysiology in these DVDs and you already aced it in Step 1 :). Perhaps, the two most important topics (in my opinion) to see the DVDs for are ObGyn and Psychiatry.

A2: FA for the CK is not as good as for Step 1. I did not read it and many of may 99er friends did not either. Don't waste your time with it.

Finish your Kaplan notes and start doing questions right away. If you see yourself answering more than 65% of the questions then you don't need to read any other extra book.
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