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Hello All,

I read numerous posts about step 2 ck but still have questions. So I created one, I would appreciate any kind of help.

I am in IMG, 8 months out of my medical school and right now an intern. Finishing internship in another 4 months.

We take international exams to ''stand out'' when we apply to speciality training spots. As many number of international exams you give, the more you stand up in the interviews and your CV.
I personally want to take up these exams because it will strengthen my knowledge and I myself want to go through this experience.

I plan to sit for Step 2 CK and MCCEE before i appear for my interviews.

I have 7 months to give both exams but i want to finish them in 4 to 5 months before i sit for IFOM in 4 months hoping that my preparation for step 2 ck will overlap and id be able to better score in IFOM. (NBME exam for international medical schools) and second reason being i am forgetting a great deal of information with time.

My initial plan was:

1. Kaplan LNs quick review then corresponding video together with MTB 2 and 3 review and then doUSMLE world questions chapter by chapter (2.5 months)
2. Second run of UW and Kaplan Q bank (1.5 month)
By this time give my IFOM exam
3. NBMEs and revision if low score (2 - 3 weeks)
4. Sit for STEP 2 CK
5. Do Canadian Q bank (1 month)
6. Sit for MCCEE

I put a plan and started but it is difficult to put in 3 hours let alone 6 to 7 hours a day as full time work leaves you with minimal energy. I am finding myself without focus and i dont want to waste time.

I then read many posts about DIT and Kaplans HY. I am not sure but may be i might get back to track if i attend an online course?
But does DIT or HY courses suit my situation and they are review courses and probably must be done towards the end of revision?

Now i am thinking of this plan:
1. DIT - Finish SUTM and SUTS2ck in a month and freshen my knowledge up (1 month)
2. Then continue my previous plan but it would be then faster than planned.

Keeping in mind i would have daily only about 2 - 2.5 hours at my disposal, is the above plan ok to go ahead?
And is DIT better suited for me or Kaplan HY?

I know it sounds messy and a long post. But any kind of help would be highly appreciated.


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I'm also curious to know if anyone can recommend DIT or Kaplan HY for Step 2 CK?
Any of these worth the time?
Which one is better?
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