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step 2 ck study partner plus guidence for this exam

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assalam u alaikum

i am giving step 2 ck first and needs a study partner plus some guidence regarding exam ...kindly if someone interested.
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Tutoring for step 2 CK

Hi. I Recently appeared for my step 2 CK exam in october and scored 258. Since then I have tutored students for this so unpredictable exam. I was also tutoring for usmle step 1 until recently when I stopped to concentrate more on step 2CK & CS. I am well versed with the recent changes the exam has brought in and will be more than happy to tutor you for this monstrous exam. My course lasts for 6weeks and I spend atleast 4 hours daily with the student. I lay special emphasis on physio, pathophys, patho before discussing the management which would be of great help to students appearing for usmle step 2 ck ahead of their step1. I also make a schedule for the uworld for the student to follow in the 42 days. If u follow the schedule you will see a spike in your assessments. PM me or skype id usmletutor3 for a free demo.
Step 1 :253
Step 2: 258
CS: high performance in CIS, ICS, SEP
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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