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Hey! I am sure a lot of us who just got done with USMLE Step 1 would be anxious and curious to make sure we have a good study plan in place for Step 2. If people who have gone through this process could advise/recommend on the current plan, that would be great. Yes, I do realize, that every is different and we all will have our own way of doing things. While I am doing my rotations, I am planning to slowly get in the study mode by reading:

- Step-up to USMLE Step 2 (Step-up series). I did not use any of their material for Step 1 so a little nervous. Anyone recommends a better reading source?
- USMLE Step 2 CK Question of the Day (app by Learn From Apps). I have used their USMLE Step 1 Question of the Day and really end up liking it. Especially now, I dont want to burn out all the UWorld questions just yet.
- A month of UWorld (USMLE World questions).
- Notes through out the clinical rotations and MKSAP (even though, I have a feeling that MKSAP will be more useful for shelf exams).

Any other recommendations?
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