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Since it has been announced (see usmle news item) in March 2010, there has been no clear announcement from the official regulators of the USMLE exam about the date in which exam centers will switch from writing the patient note to typing-only. They were only saying mid 2011.

The official USMLE website has recently announced the date which is July 17, 2011.

Any student taking the Step 2 CS Exam on or after July 17, 2011 he/she has to type in the patient note and the writing it on a paper is no longer an option.

All students should now make sure that their typing speed and skills is adequate enough to mee the patient note writing in the CS Exam.


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This step is very important because ones who don't know typing these days have a big problems.

I advice everyone here to try Mavis becon typing learing program. It's the best with good topics and good tools in learning.

Try it and pray for medaae
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