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Please read the information below before contacting me, as to ensure a good match and avoid wasting each other's time.

How: Skype
Time Zone: Eastern (I'm in Atlanta)
Format: We will run cases together, one person is the doc another the patient, then switch. It will be timed, so each person will get 15 minutes to take history and "examine" the pt, then while the doc is writing the patient note, the pt will write his report (checklist). So, it should be 25 minutes per person, so each of us will be the doc twice per session.
Session duration: 2 hours
Materials used: FIRST AID FOR STEP 2CS 5th Edition (or Newer)
Available Times: Monday-Friday - 8PM-10PM
Tuesday, Saturday, Sunday - Variable, flexible schedule
Partner requirements: English doesn't have to be the first language, but he/she should speak fluently. He/she should have read FA up to Section 4 Practice Cases.

You do not have to do all available session times with me. So, if you can only do Monday, that's cool. I'll do Monday with you and Tuesday with someone else. Even if it's just one session, I'll take it.

Interested? Write your first name, skype ID,session time AND date and I'll let you know if I can make it.
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