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here is the list of questions that i made for my prep for visa interview, i hope this will help others, please add on more relevant questions...

- visit to USA

1. why you want to go to USA

2. are you going as a student or for work in USA ?

3. what would you be doing there

4. why will you return back to your home country ?

5. do you plan to visit any other place apart from giving your exam ?

- travel

1. when are you leaving your home country?

- stay

1. where are you going to stay

2. how many days

3. cost\contact

4. distance from hostel to testing center

- relatives in USA

1. any relatives in USA ?

2. what does he do ?

3. does he have green card ?

4. ???

- Exam related

1. what is USMLE step 2 cs

2. why you want to give this exam

3. have you given any steps earlier

4. why so many days ? exam is for single day

5. where is exam

6. why you want to give this exam

7. how long is exam \ where exactly is it \ contact no.

8. why this test center

9. why this date

10. what will you do after exam is over

- Sponsorship

1. who is sponsoring your visa

2. what is his occupation

3. show me your bank details

- Residency issues

1. which field ?

2. why USA ?

3. why not home country ?

4. what is ECFMG ? where is it ?

5. why would you return after completing residency ? \ why would residency in USA help ?

6. so finally, will you settle in USA ?

- Employement

1. are you currently working ?

2. since how long are you working ?

3. what are your job obligations ?

4. duty hours ?

5. how many bed hospital ?

- Medical Student questions

1. why you became physician

2. how good were you student

3. how long is your graduation


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thanku daktarp

when i saw this guy's post i thought y will the visa officer ask so many q when he has to decide whether to give visa in few min. but i would like to thank this guy as my VO asked me almost 80% of q mentioned here and if i hadnt prepared before for answering these q may be my visa used to get rejected.
and additionally the q i would like to add are
1) y was ur previous visa rejected?
<i had applied for family visa in the past and only my visa was rejected>
2)i was graduated 2yrs back so he asked me what i did in past two years. be faithful for this q if u didnt work anywhere since graduation
3) while filling ur application mention that u will be staying in a hotel near exam centre . dont tell that u will be staying at ur relative home

if anyone has any doubts u can pm me. i had many doubts but looks like no one is active in this visa issues subforum

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Thank you daktarp.
i just prepared the answers for the above questions.nothing out of is approved.
be cool and confident.

better to pin this post.very useful.

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I have got job in USA as a essay writer and because of that i am going to USA. I have applied for the VISA in USA and after 1 week, they have called me for the VISA interview. This is my first time and i am so afraid. That is why i am preparing for the VISA interview. I have read your post which is very helpful for me. I have also contacted my company manger, i got his mail in their official website. They said, i have to pass VISA interview myself, they not gonna help me in this. That is why i am learning tips about interview, so that i can clear it.
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