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Hello everyone,
I am an IMG who is currently an Internal Medicine resident and highly experienced USMLE tutor who have been involved in teaching USMLE for almost three years from now. I have cleared all my steps with high performance. I am available to teach during the evenings and over the weekends.
As most people have difficulty in CCS portion, Biostats and Foundation Stuff, I have made special classes for CCS, Biostats and Anatomy and Pharmacology. I am in the Central Time zone, my email id is [email protected], I will tell you what the exam is looking for and help you get your dream score.
I believe that the best tutoring session is one that addresses didactic needs (i.e. teaching someone how to recognize different murmurs) and then uses practice questions to reinforce that knowledge.
I analyze and then categorize the issue. For e.g. if someone is missing questions simply because there is a gap in their knowledge base or if there is a problem with their test-taking strategy. From there, I teach them useful tips like how to break down a question and summarize key details, utilize the process of elimination to hone in on the correct answer, and timing skills that will ensure they are never rushed.
I conduct periodic mocks to evaluate my student performance along with NBMES and target weak areas.
I can assure you that if you work hard, together with my right guidance I can help you pass with high scores.
All my sessions are one-on-one over skype because with a tutor, everything is individualized to the specific student - there is no one-size-fits-all approach to learning.
Don't let Step 3 become overwhelming for you.
If interested email me at [email protected] or can contact me on +1786-451-9281 for a 30minutes complimentary mock session. I am in Central Time Zone
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