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Hello my fellow colleagues
Finally i am done with the usmle and I want to express my sincere gratitude to this forum which was of enormous help.

Little info about myself
2008 grad with 3yrs of residency training in forensic medicine
I started my prep in 2012. Followed the same routine and used the same books which were recommended on this forum. Step1 245/CK 247
My biggest fear as for many IMGs was the CS examination but i did well on it and passed it in philly. I had plenty of time ahead before sep 15 so i decided to take the step 3 as well.
Prep took me around 3 mons-on and off. I used MTB 2 (filled with info from my previous CK prep) and MTB 3.
Although those 2 books were good sources of information I can't stress enough the importance of uw. It seems that u know everything, but when it comes to solving questions it turns out that u are missing some key concepts. That is what the uw prepares u for.
I had 70% on uw.
For ccs i used the uw as well. Read couple of pages of crush ccs but it was too overwhelming so did not bother to continue. In my opinion uwccs is more than enough. It covers all the basic stuff which is applicable to many different scenarios encountered on the exam.
UWSA 229

Day 1 was very tiring-lot of biostats, vague questions, complicated ethics questions. I barely could finish the block on time and used to take 5mins break after each block.
Day 2-no biostats-what a relief but instead there were questions asking prognosis of a patient (i was clueless on many of them)
Overall, exam itself was comparable to the CK in length. It was heavier on biostats part and required some inpatient experience to solve many vague questions.

STEP3 223
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