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This is the first time I am writing in to this forum..though God knows how many times I have visited and re-visited
anyways my query is that .....can anyone tell me what should be the steps to get into their residency in states.

I mean step by step. I am planning to give my step 2 ck then step 1 by the beginning of 2012 then should I start applying for ERAS and EFCMG and how long does each step take till the actual interview and starting the residency.

Thanks in advance :sorry::confused:

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General outline

There's a general outline about residency matching explained here

Here's some more explanation:

The matching season starts September 1st every year.

The first step you need to do is to register in ERAS. To do that you need to read the following two guidelines:

Then if your profile is complete and good the residency programs will start inviting you for interviews (invitations peak from mid September to end of October).

Then you go for the interview (see interview threads)

After you finish the interview you either going to get prematch (see prematch threads) or wait until the matching process managed by the NRMP (NRMP threads) which is in mid March of the year after.

If you are matched, the residency program will contact you and send you the contract and you start working as resident beginning in July 1st.

You can also read threads tagged with match-timeline
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