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any hard worker, serious fighter wants to join our motivation group, please Pm me sending me private messege with your skype id, I will be still adding you today till tomorrow only...any level of preparation even beginner, any time zone( our group is open 24 hours) but should have plan and know what to do...we can not put schedule for will have your own schedule.

studying alone is painful, it is very good idea to have group of people studying with you so you never feel lost, always you have people guiding you and you guide them when they need you.

any one like to update his or her progress or like to post questions to get instant answers please join us..

any silent member will be removed shorty, so if you are silent or selfish person who do not know how to help or a negative person please stay away from us.
Again, positive, hard worker,active and serious:) see you soon
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