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I am a 4th year MBBS student in Karachi and plan on taking Step 1 by the mid of December this year. I am currently in the middle of doing Biochem from Kaplan videos and First Aid, however I am lacking motivation.

I am therefore looking for a serious study partner to read and discuss FA with over Skype and generally follow a plan for Step 1 together.

Here is my tentative plan for now:
May: Biochem and Behavioral Sciences (Kaplan + FA)
June: Immuno (finish from Kaplan before Ramadan starts) Anatomy and Physio (during Ramadan from Kaplan)
July: Micro (FA only), Patho (Pathoma) and Pharma (Kaplan)
August: Finish anything leftover, read systemic sections of FA, attempt 2 NBMEs
September: Off for College exams
October- Dec: Start Uworld with FA

Please let me know if anyone would be interested in following this with me. :)
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