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This is my study plan Following my internship which started on march 10 :)

I have already completed Anatomy and physiology , completed Metabolism from Biochem today , molecular and genetics remaining :happy::)

For the next 4 months I plan to complete the remaining subjects , as i have relatively light posting which are over by 1300 hrs .:D

After that I plan to do uworld for 3 months - july august sept . as i also have relatively heavy postings in this period - surgery and Paeds - work till 1700 hrs and more 24hrs and night duties .:rolleyes:

After that , depending on how fast i cover this , i intend to do a few revisions I have combined all resources in my Kaplan LN , marking topics mentioned in First Aid by a different colored highlighter .

I plan on giving step1 in October , either 1st week or last , depending on my level of preparation , as i have an elective in that month .

I am filling application forms for clerkships and will escape by December

First of all - is this adequate , i know everybody is different but specifically Indian , more specifically Delhi IMG's ( I'm a UC'ite ), please give your suggestions, as you know bout the intensity of the Major postings:sorry:

Secondly , as i know good step1 scores will help you to apply in a lot of universities , can i stop headhunting and study instead , assuming my scores arrive till november , can I still make it for Feb - March Clerkship ?:notsure:
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