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Hi, I'm looking for a study/quiz partner who wants to take Step 1 by this Fall/Winter. My friend who passed step 1 gave me some insight on how he succeeded. One key factor was a study/quiz partner. He used Deja Review Usmle Step 1 (2nd Edition) which is available on Amazon if you don't have it.

There were specific guidelines his study partner & him set up to maximize their quiz sessions from this book. Some of these guidelines included:

1. no self-interpretation
2. no adding to the quizzing answers
3. when party gets answer wrong, you only read the correct answer
4. never analyze the answers, that's not what quizzing is about. Analyzing and digging deep into concepts is done outside of quizzing routine

There are more guidelines to this method. If you're interested message me your whatsapp/email/skype or whatever contact info you prefer. I'm in the Chicago area so if you're local that's the best however we can do it online too. The only issue I see is if our time zones are way too out of sync, otherwise we can discuss and see what times work for us.
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