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I'm currently a 3rd medical student at an Asian school on a 6-year program. This will be my last pre-clinical year and next year I'll begin clerkships and clinical sciences until I graduate. I'm planning on taking Step 1 after next year, when I'll have one year of clinical experience which I believe will be helpful.

Since our school's pre-clinical curriculum offers very little to no clinical insight (very theory based), I'm afraid I won't be prepared to take Step 1 even after the first clinical year.

Would you recommend studying Kaplan lecture notes alongside material at my own school? I thought it'd be beneficial to get myself familiar with them, especially because I heard that they don't really update much and I can still use the same edition when I'm actually preparing for the exam. I guess my question is really whether Kaplan lecture notes are a good resource for "learning" the material for the first time (not just for reviewing) and getting to know what's covered on the exam. What resources would you recommend using instead of/in addition to Kaplan lecture notes? Should I also buy Dr. Najeeb's videos?

Thank you very much!
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