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Hello everybody. Briefly about me. I am an IMG from let's say European not well known medical school. At the moment I am on my 4th year. This year I will take one year off to prepare for the usmle step 1. Considering the fact that I am aiming for surgery and only surgery, i decided to take one extra year to get maximal score that I can barely take. I have gone through all the textbooks in my med school's basic years (like devlin, robbins, jawetz, katzung, guyton e.t.c), yes of course I don't remember facts, but I hope that the basic concepts are in my mind, somewhere in the unconscious : )) I wrote down my schedule, studying material, and things along this line. I will be happy if you - experienced persons will judge and give me any advises about my schedule, I will appreciate that very much!

I will say first that my studying materials will consist of:

1) review books like (HY,goljan e.t.c)
2) Kaplan's
3) Kaplan Videos
4) First Aid
5) First aid Flash facts
6) First aid book itself
7) Lippincot's Q&A for each subject (and i guess robbins questions for pathology)
8) and of Course kaplan q bank and Uworld q banks.

This is my schedule with page quantity:

Study materials and pages (k - kaplans)
Biochemistry ,molecular, genetics- Kaplan. 405 pages K + 405 K
Immunology Kaplan - 181K
Pathology - Goljan 2x times. 734 + 734

Physiology - BRS, Kaplan. 257 + 419K

Pharmacology - Kaplan. 323K and Katzung charts + questions

Microbiology - Radiculously Simple - 392

Anatomy Gross - HY, Kaplan. 293 + 198K

Neuroanatomy - HY, Kaplan. 208 + 154K

Embryology - HY, Kaplan. 147 + 20K

Behaviour - BRS, Kaplan, conrads 100 cases. 302 + 168K

Statistics, epidemiology + eticks - HY, Kaplan 107 + 43K + 27K

5,717 page = 2858 lists

280 study days = 10 lists per day. 7 days studying per weed, saturday - halfday (5 lists istead of 10)

First run will be with review books, second run with Kaplan's.

Studying Schedule [As in FIRST AID]
Disciplines first
1) Biochemistry + molecular + genetics
2) Immunology
3) Pathology general
5) Pharmacology general
6) Embryology general
1) Cardiovascular system
2) Endocrine
3) GI
4) Hematology / oncology
5) Psychiatry (behavior + statistics and ethics)
6) Neurology
7) Musculoskeletal, skin, connective
8) Renal
9) Reproductive
10) microbiology
11) Respiratory
Subject sequence
Start from anatomy/embryology - physiology - pathology - pharmacology ( Do first aid every day in the evening, same topics that you have done that day, if it was cardio pathology, do cardiopath first aid, and annotate problematic points) . Do discipline tests (Lippincots Q&A), Kaplan, U world) after every discipline and also after specific topics like (renal pathology, or cardio pathology). After finishing every system do system based tests ( U world, Kaplan). Studying schedule is for 12 month. Last 2 month are dedicated for paid U world + First aid. After first 6 month of studying start offline U world until month 11 (because 2 last month are for online u world). 0-6 month is dedicated for kaplans q bank. 6-10 offline u world. 11-12 month paid u world.

Question sources

Kaplan bank

U world
150 questions from usmle web page.
Offline NBME's all can be done between systems on the second run.
2 paid nbme's, one after finishing second run with kaplans, second nbme one month before exam.

Daytime schedule (8-10 hours per day)
4 hours for reading (~11 lists per day)
2 hours for questions (it might be lippincot's, kapla'ns, u world)
2 hours first aid
2 hours for first aid flash facts.

The idea of my schedule is that yes usmle material must be well understood, all the concepts. BUT we must say that tons of information is just to be memorized (receptors, pharm, micro, for example lysosomal storage diseases and plenty of ther things). That's why I decided to use spaced repetition system (first aid flash facts), and also 2 runs ( review books + kaplan). The idea is to understand all the concepts very well + memorize all this bullshit using some clever and smart. The only system i found was spaced repetition system. Also I need to mention that I will spent time for physical training (mostly jogging) 2 times a week, because it helps me to stay positive, because i think it will be hard to sit for a 12 month at home. And every sunday's evening i will spent with my wife, my german shepheard and my family and friends. What do you thing about all this staff? I will be aiming for 250 + -. All advises are appreciated, hope this thread will help somebody in future. I spent so much time thinking and planing this schedule. I will be waiting for any comments. I forgot to say that before I will start preparing, i will have done first aid once and all usmle rx questions (2012 first aid question and answer book) that will give me a bit sense of that do they want from me to know. That's also one of the important points in my preparation process.

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unfortunately i can't see edit button, I forgot to add pathoma videos and maybe books into schedule.
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