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Study tips needed

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I have recently cleared my CK on 2nd attempt with Okay scores.

I'm looking forward to start studying for Step 1 and I intend to write it by august so that I'd be eligible to apply for the match this year 2016.

I'm looking for any advises, study partners, tips or anything to score better 250+ to improve my chances of matching.

I've decided to start with kaplan videos plus lectures (2 months)
followed by Kaplan Qbank+pathoma/goljan+Firstaid ( 2months)
UW Qbank ( atleast 2 times) and first aid (2-3 months) .

Do you guys think it's a good plan rather is it doable?

Kindly please help
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I think it's a good strategy, most people use these materials. And you can also take a look at High Yield Anatomy, BRS Physiology and Lippincott's Pharmacology, in addition to Kaplan. Many people prefer these alternatives.

I'd suggest USMLE Rx with FA, instead of Kaplan Qbank. But that's just my personal opinion.

I'd also suggest doing NMBE's before starting a new cycle in your preparation and at the end of it, of course.
Like: 2 months - NBME - 2 months - NBME - 2-3 months - NBME.
So you really see your evolution, and also see which areas you need to pay more attention to. Your studies will be more accurate.

Other than that, you have good materials, now it's up to you.
Good luck!
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