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Subdural Epidural

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Many friends confuse the two and CT scans of subdural and epirdural hemorrhages are common in Step 2 CK.

Click on these pics for higher resolution
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These are pictures that I kept from my previous pediatric practice
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can u tell me exactly what is lucid interval???
is it like fainting and then getting back to live then faint again??
or just fainting after like some hours ?
Lucid Interval = Trauma => Pt. looses consciousness momentarily => Period of 1-48 hours (lucid Phase) before Patients neurological condition again deteriorates.
Hence Lucid interval is the period where the Pt. is asymptomatic.
so if he didnt lose the consciousness momentarily we should not consider it as lucid interval??
coz i guess this is important to differentiate between epi/sub-dural hemorrhage ?
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