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Subject-Wise questions not random

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hi..first of all i want to say this forum is excellent for anyone preparing for steps.. ppl here r really helping n give good advise when needed :happy:

i hv just started preparing for step 1..i hv gone through all dvds of kaplan..planning to give it in august..
going through the usual golden combination kaplan..goljan..FA..UW ..nbme

i really dont like the formula 1st read..2nd read..3rd read..i want to finish physio first then revise it fron FA on daily basis (equivalent to 2nd read ) then do the UW questions topic wise...then start the next subject with revision fron FA n UW...n so on..

then later ill revise solely FA then do the 2nd round of UW (random)..then do nbmes..

my question is it ok to omit 2nd read n revise it on daily basis n do UW topic wise as i remember more easily with questions...n i find 2nd reading boring...instead i prefer to revise it next day early it ok??
n i hv option to take only one qbank which ill do topic wise...i know many of ppl here say that its not an good idea to do topic wise but i think i remember more while going topic i said before i dont hv option to do other is it ok to do it topic wise then later on random in 2nd round????
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Thanks Haisook

Thanks...:happy: u r right ..then ill finish the 1st read of kaplan n revise it next day with kaplan n FA..may be its good to add notes from kaplan to FA...short one line will take time but in this way i can get rid of 2nd or 3rd read..n in this way i can memorize more...

n then ill revise FA solely with added notes n start UW random right from start..
Thanks KaleKaleo

thanks...u r right...just checked zum zum method..:)
i think i should add another qbank which ill do subject wise after each subject to consolidate what i hv kaplan qbank will do the trick..then ill do UW randon afterwards..
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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