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The first question everyone of us have on Step 1 is where do we begin?As most of you, I struggled a lot, because at the beginning I had no mentors nor help to start my journey in the USMLE journey. It was hard but there are some things I learned during that long path. Now, I will like to share with you 2 tips I wish I had when I began studying:

1) Find your STYLE of studying: Let it be with a study partner, by yourself or in a group. Everyone is different, therefore you have to know yourself and try different styles at first.

2) Choose the RIGHT material, and MASTER it: Since there are a lot of resources out there like books, videos, webinars, flashcards, etc; we can get easily distracted. That is a bunch of material! However the MOST important thing you have to do is, make a decision about what material are you going to use, and STICK with it until you master it. For example, I used to study Kaplan, FA, PASS program and BRS at the same time! It was horrible, because I was not able to focus on none. Also, my STRESS levels went up for I thought I had to read all of them in order to get a high score. That is BS…. At the end, I picked the one that I most enjoyed studying and mastered it (It was PASS program). Then, after I knew almost everything the program taught, I moved on to polish the info I had by using other resources.

At the end, it is not the quantity of studying, BUT the quality. Stay on your game, and make things easier.

"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication." Leonardo da Vinci
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