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Hello World ....

It's seems that the issue of piracy is going to flare and get bigger and bigger despite all efforts of "good people" and copyright holders.

The USMLE industry is not an exemption. You've got thousands and thousands of sites and blogs offering copyrighted materials for a very low price or even sometimes for free.

There's a website called BuyBestAndCheap. This guy is so good in copying Kaplan notes and videos and selling them to our colleagues all over the world. He has even posted a Youtube video of an excerpt of Kaplan video and he annoted it with his website title! That's what I call it "supreme piracy".

I know that our fellows in Developing World may not like this article because simply they are not breaking their countries rules and above that they even don't have a credit card to clean up their conscious and aesthetics!

In USA there's a new rule that if a student has downloaded a pirated MP3 song he/she might get sacked from the University and pays huge fines. This obviously has come into effect because the media industry is very powerful here. This is not yet as effective in the USMLE industry but I guess they'll pick up on the issue sooner than you think.

So guys, watch out ... you might get caught at any time ...

Post your thoughts about this ...


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