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I am an IMG and I just matched into a residency. The program is really nice and the people are amazing, however I'm having second thoughts about the nature of the work. Although I feel i may be good at it, I am now starting to feel I won't be comfortable doing it for the rest of my career.

I was wondering if any IMG's had switched in the past, and advice would be wonderful.

Till now, what i've gathered is : 1) Start my intern year with an extremely positive attitude
2) If i still feel the same way in a few months time, in September have an honest and transparent talk with my PD about the switch.
3) Get an LOR from the PD, apply through NRMP again.
4) Complete my intern year, giving most interviews in Nov/Dec
5) Do no sign the contract for the second year.

I'm a strong candidate (at least that's what people tell me?) and am slightly confident that I will get a few calls atleast. I know this is an extremely drastic train of thought, but I certainly can't be the first, right?

If ANYONE knows ANYTHING about this process, or knows someone who has successfully switched, any advice would be appreciated
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