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A 33 year old single male patient has been brought by his neighbors when he was found laying on the ground in his own backyard. He's a known diabetic and is on Insuline therapy. In the ER his level of consciousness has improved tremendously after giving him 100% Oxygen by mask. When he's more alert he mentioned that he feels severe headache and he wants to return home soon as he remembered that he left his 1973 model Jeep car switched on in the garage. Vitals were as follows; RR=25, PR=112, BP=120/79, Temp 37.4. Pulse oximetry showed 99% hemoglobin saturation. His repeated glucose fingerstick levels were 135 mg/dL and 141 mg/dL five minutes apart. Other blood tests withdrawn and you are awaiting the results. Which of the followings can explain his syncopal attack?

A- Carboxyhemoglobinemia
B- Diabetic hypoglycemia undetected by the finger glucometer
C- Silent MI
D- Cardiac arrhythmias
E- Epileptic seizure
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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