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Hi every one:)
I am dorra from syria ,IMG
Non-US Citizen
graduated from non-accrediated medical school out of USA

i wanna ask about my chance in urology residency as IMG female

step2: 269
step2 cs passed first attempt

research experience:
-4 months US research expin nephrology at stanford with 3 US LORS and possible 2 publications .
- 3 published papers in peer reviewed journals (one of them i am first author) in urology

clinical electives :

5 months clinical electives(6 LORS from clinical electives)
1 mon-- mayo clinic (urogynecology)
2 mon--case western university (urology , urogynecology)
2 mon --texas MD andernson (nephrology,urology)

Years of graduation :1 year

and now i am post doc research fellow of urology in USA

i wanna apply for next match in urology but i am hesitated if i will have chance or not because i reviewed most of urological residency and they wanna be graduated from accrediated medical school, i wanna also ask if they care about our grades at our medical school or just usmle scores as we are IMGs

Thank you

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You forgot to complete your profile;
Step 3:280
Phd pharmacology
Research director, nephrology research lab at Harvard.

How did you register with ecfmg for usmle if your medical school has no accreditation?
I will write to ecfmg to withdraw your certification.

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OMG, Dorra, your profile is outstanding, you definitely have the best change an IMG can possibly get, you are an ultra-elite IMG, so you should give it a shot! I am not sure how many IMGs a year get into uro, I am sure it is << 50 per year but, hell, 271 step1 and research fellow + all this uro experience, GO FOR IT, DORRA!

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