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Alright guys,
here's my advise to you all
TAKE any PREMATCH you are offered
in my case
I refused two prematches because they were community hospitals and low on my rank list
I ended up unmatched in March!
I am so sad
I lost another year of my life
And what are going to do anyway with that extra year
Your scores are fixed can't change
Even worse you are one year older!

Take any prematch you are offfered

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Hi helda,
am sorry to read your unfortunate story
but let me say that your example may not apply to everyone
One should always weighs the balance
for example if you have low scores and your other matching filters are on the low side then it's probably wise to take a low ranked pre-match
but what if you have high scores, fresh graduate, USCE, excellent LORs, ...etc then it might not be wise to leave.
By the way the higher your profile/program ratio the more likely you are offered a pre-match and the more likely it's not a good choice for you.
You were just unlucky, cheer up and hope for the best next year.
Also, who said you can't do anything in that extra year? on the contrary it might be a good chance for you to improve on your CV and getting better matched next year,
for example:

  • if you havn't take Step 3, take it
  • involve in research
  • do more USCE
  • add another year of attendant experience if you are overseas
and many more ways

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Hey all you guys who have had match experience,

Just want to ask, generally, for an average IMG with 98-99 score, no USCE, would you recommend him or her to accept a prematch?

This kinda thing feels alot to me like a gamble.:(
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