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Taking CS in June 2011, Bad Idea!

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I am an IMG hoping to appear in match this year.cant take cs before mid June and ck before mid July... Can I expect my results in time i.e. before 31 Aug?

About ck; in how many weeks should i expect the results? They say 3wks but a friend of mine had to wait for 6.
About cs; according to "ECFMG 2010 and 2011 Schedules for Reporting Step 2 CS Results" ( )if i test between 15 May & 15 July my results would be out by Aug 17 through Sep14.

But they also mention that 98-99% results are posted before 3rd Wednesday (in this case 31 Aug) of the reporting period.

So what are my odds here???could use some first hand information here!!
Thanks in advance.
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You will be fine

You will get your CS results on August 17 itself. That's the reporting period in which the ECFMG never get delayed because they know people are rushing for the matching season before September 1st.

As for the CK, the delay that your friend experienced was exceptional ( read so you will most probably get the results in mid August if you take it in mid July.
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