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Hi guys, Let me share my experience with you.

All of us are for sure are doing thousands of qbank questions during the course of our preparation for the USMLE. And most of us start doing it after we finish our primary reading and make the questions kinda of review for the primary material.

I noticed while prepping for my Step 1 and even now when am prepping for CK is that the shorter the block you make it, the better it is.

Yes, do not listen to those who tell you that you have to make complete one hour blocks and some of them go extremely telling you that you have to do 7-8 blocks in one day to simulate the real exam environment.

In reality, there are explanations that we want to read. Once we see something strange or something that we have forgot when we read the UW explanation or the Kaplan Qbank explanation we immediately go back and open our primary material.

It's a long process when we review explanation. Because we are still not very solid and we want to swallow and engrave every bit and piece and so reading the explanation of a couple of blocks may actually take a complete one day (12 hours reading).

So my advice for you is to do shorter blocks like 10 or maximum 20 questions per block.

The reason, is that reading explanation and paging through our notes is kinda boring and we often slow down. While doing questions is stimulating and wake us up. Therefore, it's better to make your curve waving through the day instead of a single spike in the morning and you wane down for the rest of the day and perhaps you even go sleepy before you finish reading the explanations for the questions that you have done in the morning!
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