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The effect of Med School Failure on Residency Matching

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Hi everyone ,
I am an IMG and I failed in my final yr MBBS (failed in medicine by 2 marks and peds by 4marks) then after passing it the next time I took on USMLE step 1 in which I scored 99/233 .
My doubt is how much is the failed final year once going to hurt my chances for a residency .
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It has less impact for IMGs

For AMGs, there's what's called MSPE which stands for "Med School Performance Evaluation".

The MSPE is released from the Medical School to all residency programs that the applicant apply for. In MSPE, they certainly mention all the good and bad things about a student and therefore a failure might affect the chances of getting residency.

For IMGs, usually they don't have MSPE and residency programs usually do not recognize med school evaluation by foreign countries, therefore, they rely more on USMLE Scores.

Your USMLE score has much higher impact than what you did in your MBBS. Am not saying that your final medical school transcript will not be seen, am saying it has less impact on your residency chances.

Let me put it this way, 80% for your USMLE score and 20% for your med school performance.
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hi, guys

what if someone who didn't fail but didn't exactly do great in medschool
let's say about 3.00 gpa
can he compete for competitive residencies like general surgery & other competitive surgical specialties?

p.s: that would be me:rolleyes:
Same answer as above.
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