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I don't know if this has been posted before, or if it is present in any book.

*Fomepizole - Alcohol Dehydrogenase Inhibitor
*Felbamate - Blocks NMDA receptor (Anti-convulsant)
*Fentanyl - Opiate used for induction and maintenance of anesthesia
*Finasteride - 5 alpha reductase inhibitor
*Foscarnet - Antiviral (inhibits both viral DNA&RNA polymerase)
*Flecainide - Class 1C anti-arrthymic
*Furosemide - Loop diuretic
*Filgastrim - G-CSF, increases granulocytes
*Flumazenil - reverses BZ overdose
*Fluphenazine - Typical Antipsychotic
*Flunisolide - Glucocorticoid used for Asthma
*Flutamide - Androgen receptor blocker
*Flucytosine, Fluconazole - Antifungals.

Hope this is helpful. Plz let me know if there are any additions.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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