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I have the 2010 kaplan videos....I think they are 210hrs but not sure...29 to 30 dvds......could someone please tell me number of hours per subject.....that is how many hours are there for each subject in these so i can plan better.

Thank you.

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Hey, I have this saved from a website. Its not for 2010 videos but I guess a year or 2 ago? But it will give you a rough idea of how many hours each section is.

USMLE Kaplan Video DVDs Step1
Step1 =24 DVDs

Kaplan Step 1 Materials review

The value proposition
The best Kaplan Video Review Materials
Bonus Stuff to ensure that you can transfer all the information to
your brain

Free re-ship in case of any physical defects within 6 months

Kaplan Step 1 Videos Description
200 hours of video lectures
o Anatomy and Embryo- Dr. David Seiden- ~12.5 hours
o Genetics- Dr Vernon Reichenbecher - ~6.5 hours
o Histology- James White- ~3.5 hours
o Physiology- Dr. Robert Dunn- ~30.5 hours
o Immunology- Dr. Don Dunn- ~5.5 hours
o Micro- Dr. Don Dunn ~ 14.5 hours
o Biochemistry- Dr. Lionel Raymond ~20 hrs
o Neurology- Dr. James White ~11 hrs
o Pharmocology- Dr Anthony Trevor ~35 hrs
o Pathology- Dr. John Baron ~23 hrs
o Behavioral Science- Steven Daugherty ~11 hrs

Bottom line of Kaplan Step 1 Videos
If you're a newbie to USMLE, this set is a best fit for you.
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