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Hello everyone,
Hope you're having a wonderful day,
I was wondering about the identity of few slides, the answer should be one of these: Loose connective tissue, Dense regular or irregular CT, Cartilage (Hyaline or Elastic), Glands (Serus or Mucus), Epithelial (Pseudostratified columnar, epidermal tissue, etc), Nervous tissue (Spinal cord, Ganglia or Myenteric plexus), Bone (Spongy or Compact), Adipose tissue, Muscle tissue (skeletal, cardiac or smooth).

Slide 1. Identify tissue with most dense cells.
3 tissues (x10):

X40 of each one:

I think it's the third one, serus gland.

Slide 2. Identify any tissue.


(X10 of same slide, another area):

I think we got smooth muscle in-between the simple columnar/cuboidal epithelium and dense regular connective tissue.

Slide 3. What tissue is the large round structure in the middle?



Looks like spinal cord to me,

Thank you so much! :)
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