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Having a greencard or citizenship does make residency matching a bit easier as you then do not need a visa sponsorship by the program. Many programs do not offer J1 Visas at all and in that case they won't even look at your application.

However, I have to stress here that the Visa factor does not have very high influence and it's significance is often overestimated by IMGs. Have a look at this thread

As for your second question, there's no difference between citizenship and green card as in both situations you don't need a Visa. Citizens are preferred in Federal government jobs but not in hospitals. What really matters is US med school graduation.

For example if you ask me who matches better
1- An Asian who graduated from US med school and has no green card or citizenship.
2- An American born who graduated from abroad.

I'd choose number one
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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