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Free Assessment and 4 Day CS course. Live online Skype sessions or Structured classroom like environment located in Dallas, Texas. 1st time pass GUARANTEED or money back! - $500.00

• 25 High yield Live Patient Encounters covering all aspects of the CS exam.
• Actual test like setting to test all your skills and guaranteed pass on the exam.
• Small classes 1:1 ratio/Skype session, student to M.D (US CITIZENS).
• Perfecting the art of data gathering to obtain the information pertinent to each individual case.
• Fine tuning and trimming your physical exam technique to complete the focused exam in the time allowed.
• Mastering the art of data interpretation in a live setting.
• Time management structure.
• Closing every case in under two minutes.
• Addressing, neutralizing and conquering each challenging question asked by the SP's.
• Immediate feedback after each encounter by an M.D. followed by the implementation of those suggestions in future cases.
• Handling intimate, and personal topics that often come up on the CS exam.
• Patient note dissection.
• Tricks and tips to complete your patient note in under 10 minutes.
• Explanation of the backbone of the Step 2 CS exam.
• Fine tuning your English during the encounters to pass the SEP component.
• Discussing the most common mistakes that are made so you do not make them.

Free Assessment Exam:

• Three live 15-minute patient encounters followed immediately with patient note submission via skype/email/portal.
• Once all three encounters are complete, the medical student/M.D. will receive an assessment from one of our M.D.'s highlighting the strengths and weaknesses.
• A detailed assessment of all three patient notes, following the USMLE guidelines of supporting each differential with the appropriate findings. Each note is individually reviewed by the M.D. and not by a computer scan.

3. Patient Note Assessment:

• As many patient notes allowed for submission and review via email.
• Direct access to our patient note portal/skype/email
• Receive a detailed assessment as well as a step-by-step dissection of the note.
• Reviewed by one of our M.D.'s.
• Pinpoint positive and negative findings to support each differential diagnoses provided.
• Feedback within 24 hours.

1 or more attempts: NEED TO SEE PREVIOUS RESULTS.

• Special one-on-one attention to diagnose the weaknesses and eliminate them. To implement a method which will reintroduce many proven techniques and tactics that will allow the candidate to reach their maximum potential and pass their CS exam.

• Practicing data gathering and interpretation with the use of mnemonics.
• Ruling in/out differential diagnoses to obtain your positive and/or negative findings.
• Review all physical exam techniques and maneuvers.
• Patient note structuring and typing.

• Relationship building with the SP.
• Expressing sympathy and empathy when it is appropriate.
• Asking questions in a well-structured, free flowing format.
• How to navigate through the physical examination.
• Maximizing and maintaining eye contact.
• Analysis of body language and rapport.

• Full assessment of strengths and weaknesses in the English language by native speakers.
• Techniques to minimize errors that might cost you a failure in the SEP component.
• Tips to avoid certain traps in each patient encounter.
• Exercises to practice and implement into each patient encounter.

Contact via email: [email protected]
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