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This appointment is past the cutoff date for modification.

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I just logged on to prometric to take a new date for my exam. I had cancelled the last one when less then 5 days remained. It said cancelled on the prometric website, but i had recieved no email confirmation saying the same. Now the prometric website says "This appointment is past the cutoff date for modification." Does this mean the appointment never got cancelled? Please please reply quickly because i am biting my nails off.
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will i have to pay the entire 800 odd dollars again?!
ok i went to the part of the website that says
Exam Confirmation/Receipt Reprint
View and print an appointment confirmation with all the details of your appointment.
and it had a single line stating:

"Your appointment has been previously cancelled"

and underneath it is my old permit, i guess this means i just need to call my test centre and pay the fee in order to reschedule right?
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steptaker it will just be the rescheduling fee right? not the entire sum for the exam?
which means again that i'll have to wait until monday?
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