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Time needed for IMGs to prepare for Step 2 CS?

  • < 2 weeks

    Votes: 33 9.2%
  • 2 - 4 weeks

    Votes: 152 42.2%
  • 1- 2 months

    Votes: 125 34.7%
  • 2- 3 months

    Votes: 34 9.4%
  • > 3 months

    Votes: 21 5.8%
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In addition to voting in the poll above please post your reply with details so that we get a grasp of the real situation.

Please follow this format (which is a true example of my Step 2 CS experience)

Time needed: 3 Weeks
Average study hours per day: Four
Mother language: non-English (set as English if it applies)
Result: Passed first attempt (u can leave blank if you don't want to tell)
Years since graduation at time of test: 3 years (u can write medical student if it applies)

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The Risque Way

Time needed: <1 Week
Average study hours per day: 5hrs
Mother language: English
Result: Passed first attempt
Years since graduation at time of test: 1.5
Test Centre: LA

This post is for those last minute types- I did it in less than a week. I'd just finished my step 2 ck.. BUT english is my first language and I've had a fair bit of patient interaction back home.
my point is not to mislead anyone/brag but its meant to de-stress anyone tht thinks they're going to fail due to lack of time. I will make a couple of recommendations though (cuz some of my frends Dr.AA, Dr.GG, Dr.GS were super sweet in helping me--specially Dr.AA)
Here's what I did
1. Study the First Aid cases: the Differentials, the history taking, and then the cases (you should do all 40+ but I did about 34?32?)
2. Practice- if you don't have a study partner thats a medico its ok- practice with a non medico so u can get your timing and examination down right (TIME URSELF) BUT practice one of each type of case even ovr the phone/skype/gtalk with a friend thats taken the exam (my super sweet ones helped me)- i also practiced with kid cousins and my my frends mum!
3. Again my friend GG insisted i sign up for the Kaplan Mock exam- it was worth it..try and take it--just the practice exam.
4. OR atleast watch the USMLE examination videos on youtube or i beliv u can buy em on uworld?
calm down-sleep well-eat well and look good on the final day!
good luck!

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Time needed:6 weeks
Hrs/day: at first 2-4 then went up to 8-10 at the end of my prep period
Native language: non-English
Graduated: 1 year ago
Passed within the first attempt :)
Note: it takes more time to study for CS if this is the first Step you take, you come from a medical school where they don't prepare you for the Steps, your medical system is different from that of U.S. and English is not your first language.

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Study partner and PN practice is the key.

Time needed: 6 Weeks
Average study hours per day: 3 to 4
Mother language: non-English, but fluent in English
Result: Passed first attempt
Years since graduation at time of test: 7 years, I did residency in my home country, so I have a good experience with patients and this helped me a lot.
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