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Need help regarding time management....
My exam is exactly after 3 months on 29th of Nov...
Am doing kaplan online...will complete by this month...hope so..
for next 1n1/2 month gonna do usmle consult (hope I win free subscription in this forum:D) n UW (mostly offline)....
I still hv not read FA...will complete in this 2 months...
n after that i still hv 1 n 1/2 months remained...i'll do online exams n NBME...n revision of kaplan, goljan n my notes....
my Q is how much time period should be der between online Q bank n real exam??
If I'll go with the schedule I mentioned...will it be OK....?? as there is over 1 month gap...:redcheeks;...

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Keep doing questions

It's recommended that you keep doing questions until the day of the exam. Practicing is very important to maintain your endurance and test taking mood. It's just like the professional sport players who keep training until the day of the contest.
Having a one month gap is not a good idea. I suggest you rearrange your plan in a way so that you practice questions are continued until your exam day.

Some experts even recommend doing simulated exams (7 blocks in one day) during the week before the examination.

PS- you seem to be a USMLE Consult winner this month ;) as evident by your current high ranking.
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