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time to be ready for step1

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hey everybody,
help needed,
I've prepared for CK in 6 months and get 99/244
how long I need to prepare for step 1
3 months are enough?????
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I personally don't think so. In your case you took 6 months for CK, and if i'm not mistaken, step 1 is a tad far it has more material and it's more complex. You can certainly push it and try to make it but based on other posts that I've read, if you're a fmg you might need close to 6 months.

You should set up a schedule and map out how long it'll take you based on the materials that you intend to use and how many hours/day or week you want to study. Doing a fair number of questions alone takes close to a month or more.

You might need less time given that you've done ck and did pretty darn good job at it. Congrats by the way.
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