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Tips for step 1 success

1. Believe the truth that:
There is nothing like good memory or poor memory. It is only trained memory and untrained memory.

2. Revision is must to train and sharpen the memory. Revision exercises your brain to assimilate more and more.

3. Make a commitment- "I will give it my very best everyday".

4. Make a time-table and follow it in a disciplined way.

5. Make your base strong and make your concept clear which builds up your interest to study more and more.

6. Study with partner. When you do combine-study, you don't feel boring and helps you to improve your weak areas.

7. Retrograde study- Solving questions should drive you back to study more. Means, while solving questions, you can identify- what additional topics you need to study and on what topics you need further revision.

8. Patience and continuity is the key to success. Rise every time you fall. Awaken every time you get frustrated, with new vigor and vitality.

9. Try to finish the project within the stipulated time frame.

10. Identify the environment that works best for you (eg. Library, room, garden etc). Somebody likes to change place and study so that they don't feel monotonous while somebody likes to stick to the same place and study.You can choose whatever proves to be effective to you. Whatever environment your mind enjoys and feels comfortable to study, follow it. This is very important.

11. Believe in yourself, "You can do it". There is nothing impossible.

Good Luck

Hi guys,
I am tutoring step 1 and will primarily follow first aid. I will also incorporate concept from kaplan as required plus combine u-world highlights and other high-yield points that are most possible to appear in usmle step 1.So,If u r struggling with first aid and want explanations to understand all those complicated mechanisms/pathophysiology behind what is mentioned in first aid- u can contact me.

Classes will be conducted as per your requirement.
Take demo and decide for yourself.
Payment- Negotiable/contact me through email- [email protected]
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