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hi guys,
im 20 days away from my exam.
i did u world once with FA along while reviewing questions.

now im doing the second pass of uworld along with cramming of FA.
with FA it takes me to do 1 block a day(4-5 hrs per block)
im planning to do incorrect and marked first.

but with this speed ill either be able to do u world full second time or FA ...

what should i concentrate more on
should aim to do whole u world or More FA revision and half uworld.

plz come up with some positive suggestions...

P.S (plz no negative comments....cuz i m at the end of my stamina and prep..:) u know what i mean)

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stay strong

Hey there.
well i am at a similar cross-road around 4 week from my exam.

What recent step takers have advised me and this is what i will be doing.
making FA my primary focus and using uworld to supplement it. (as we have gone through it once)

Divide ur day into 3 parts.
Morning (when u wake up):
FA review session. as you have 20 days. I will say Divide FA cover to cover revision into 15 days.
Afternoon session: Uworld random 4 blocks back to back.
Evening session: review Wrong questions Explanation in detail and read right one learning objectives. should take u 2hr. in last 1.5 hr do the cramming of the FA u did in the morning.

u should focus more on NBME at this stage. Do them offline if u have to.

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But 4 blocks in a row is for practising!!
And u mean that i shoukd only go thru the
Wrong ones in detail. Hmm
Good tip

Cuz i was doing everything in detail and its
Taking me abt 5 hrs to do one block.

1.Tip me abt doing FA fast

Cuz im able to thoroughly do abt 10 pages
In 2 hrs ..
I wonder y im so slow .. Even though ive
Done main concepts manyy time.

2. Nbme gives a predictive score
But how is it going to boost my prep.
Cuz it doesnt come with explanations!

Is it for question practise that ure saing!!

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I used to get stuck with FA too! At the end you have to do yourself a favor and delineate which topics you are really weak in vs which topics you are good at but still feel a compulsion to go thru them. Since time is limited in your case, you need to spend much less time with the latter. Focus on the former a lot! So, which are your real weak topics? Think about which ones you used to get wrong consistently in u world and which ones do you hate revising. This is the time to pick them up.

Nbme tests are going to tell you whether you are near your desired score or not and that is a big deal. The more good quality questions you do, the better for you and if you take 5 nbmes, that's 1000 high quality questions!! It also contains the style followed by the recent exam pattern and you can combine 2 nbmes for a mock 8 hour endurance assessment. It's a pain that there are no explanations, but most of them are just a Google search away. I had 2 repeats from the nbmes and that can mean a big difference sometimes.

Hope that helps.

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thanx for tipping abt weak topics. Well i feel everything is weak:p
but ill defo do that.

I know nbmes are imp and i do plan to do 2 more before my exam...1 i did abt 2 months ago..
but thing is it takes a lot of time finding answer explanations to all the questions.
so should i just conc. on the wrongs of nbme ??

In order to mock the real exam situation , ill have to take nbme all 4 blocks in a row.this way i wont be able to screen shot all questions.since one u re done with one block , u cant go back to the previous block.

any tips for that ??
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