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Hello people!
I am from India, graduated in 2009!
Took a years drop for All India exam but couldn't qualify. It's not that I am using MLE as a replacement of Indian residency but got to know more about MLE recently and have been rather interested.
I would really appreciate if someone could tell me if I'm too old for MLE now and what is the approximate cost of MLE.
Which year's match can I apply for?

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The cost is almost $12,000

Before you get your first salary you have to pay
$800 for step 1 exam
$800 for step 2 CK
$1200 for the CS
$800 for step 3 (if needed for H1B visa)
$2500 in ERAS

So your upfront cost is over $7000!!

This is not counting the expense of your accomodation, logistics, books, travel, ....etc

I think the cost of doing USMLE for an IMG is not less than $12,000
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