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Hi all, I need ur advice. 34 yrs old trained surgeon from Asia, now 2 years fellow in surgical oncology in India. In my country we ve got 5 years general surgery residency.I wish to have further study in head in neck in USA and don't mind to repeat my general surgery residency.

My question is, I've heard about the waiver for foreign trained doctor from ABS, so I don't need to repeat all the entire length of residency. I don't know how to process this thing, shall I process it before I submit the documents to ERAS and all program director, should I process it before the interview or after I get the residency itself.

Please enlighten me.

Thanks a lot

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You have to restart in USA

No matter how trained you are, you have to go through residency from zero level.

In certain instances, they can waive for you PGY2. But that's very rare and in very occasional circumstances.

The other option that you have to go for fellowships. You can get into highly specialized fellowships without doing residency. But in that case you have to return to India after finishing the fellowship or try to get into residency from the start again.

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