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hi guys
i have applied for ECFMG but application get rejected because ,some problems in translation according what ECFMG said to me .They said that this translation dos not meet ECFMG requirement,SO,please if any one knows any agency inside U S A(especially in TX) or company of translation that do certified translation for medical diploma from Arabic to English ,which ECFMG accepted & in reasonable fee to let me know.
Also ,what kind of requirements they need in translation ?

thank you

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Here's what you can do

Go to this website

In the advance search options choose Middle Eastern to English
You'll find over 200 certified translation companies that can help you.

This is the website that is endorsed by the ECFMG to find certified translation companies.

You don't need to find a company that is in Texas because of these companies can be communicated with via telephone and email and they'll ask you to send them your certificate via mail and they'll mail you back the certified translation document.

Here I quote for you what is mentioned in the 2010 ECFMG Information Booklet (available online here

Any document submitted to ECFMG that is not in English must be accompanied by an English translation,
prepared by and certified to be correct by a government official (for example, a Consular Officer), medical school official (for example, a Dean or Registrar), or a professional translation service.
The translation must appear on letterhead. It must bear the signature and title of the government or medical school official or representative of the translation service and, if there is one, the seal of the government
official, medical school, or translation service.

If the translation service is a private company, the letterhead
must identify the company as a translation service. The translation must be a word-for-word translation of the original language document. An abstract or summary translation of the document is not acceptable. The
translation must be prepared from the original document or a photocopy of the original document. ECFMG will not accept a translation prepared from a transcription (transcribed version) of the document.
An English language certificate issued by the medical school that is not a word-for-word English language version of the degree, transcript, or other document in the original language is not acceptable as a translation.
English translations that do not meet the requirements above will not be accepted.
Examples of unacceptable translations include, but are not limited to:
• translations prepared by a notary who is not a government or medical school official or representative of a professional translation service,
• a translation that was not signed by the translator or official or representative of the translation service, and
• a translation that is not a word-for-word translation of the original language document.

Additionally, applicants are not permitted to translate their own documents.

Documents submitted to ECFMG as part of the exam application and certification process, including translations, will not be returned.
ECFMG does not endorse or recommend individual translation services. However, you can locate a translation service by consulting the website of the American Translators Association at


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Let me tell u my story

I also had to translate my diploma from my mother language to English.

I wish u could have read all the information regarding the translation of diploma in ECFMG Information booklet which is quoted by Sabio in the above post.

Anyway, I don't think ECFMG has a list of translation agencies that r certified by them or has a relation to it. Even if this is the fact u still have the option to translate it anywhere, but not on urself.

I did the translation of my diploma in my own country with a local translation services agency and was accepted by ECFMG. Please notice that the translation agency must type their letterhead and logo to the top potion of ur diploma translation, then the diploma should be translated below that word to word and at the end of the translation the translation services should have its stamp and also the name, signature and title of the translator in English.

If you still have problems this way please call ECFMG and tell them to translate it by their own because they also have a translation service and in this way they will charge a translation fee which u can pay through ur ECFMG financial account.

Note: While u call ECFMG, they will tell u how to pay for the translation and the subsequent steps as required by them.

Please let us know how u do and what happens subsequently!

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You need to get some sort of feedback from the ECFMG regarding the reasons why your translation was rejected. I've done medical translations in the past, and even if you are working with an agency familiar with ECFMG standards you have a great deal of input regarding how they translate. Of course, if it's a matter of legal certification, and not so much of content, you might save some money if you find a certified freelance translator instead of going to an agency. What language are you translating from?

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I have my diplomas translated by a notary public. It is OK?

I am confused because in the ECFMG bulletin and as sabio commented in this post: "unacceptable translations, but limited are:... notary public.." is good or not! :rolleyes:
How can I know if my translations by a notry public will be accepted?
Do I need to take the risk?
Do I need to use a professional translation service?

I have another question: I have three diplomas:
1) as a general doctor
2) as a pediatrician
3) as a infectology diseases specialist
In order to certificate. Do I have to send a copy of all of them? or only from the first one as a General Doctor??
All of them from the same University. I also have the diplomas from the hospitals were I completed my residency as a pediatrician and infectious disesases. I thinkf ECFMG is only interested on the diplomas from the University. I am OK?

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