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Quote from Goljan Pathology:

"Identify class I and II proteins on recipient and donor lymphocytes. a) React donor and recipient lymphocytes against a battery of anti-HLA antibodies.

Im confused about this. Lymphocytes express MHC II? Thought it was just MHC I and what is the purpose of said quote?

"Test for compatibility of the recipient and donor class II antigens involving lymphocytes"

Again with the class II and lymphocytes.

Ive majorly confused myself here and I just cant seem to grasp the correlation between Lymphocyte screening in Transplantation Tests. I understand that lymphocytes can express MHC I and that MHC I can be recognized by anti-HLA but what is the connection as a whole? why is there so much emphasis on the lymphoid lineage and what does it mean by "HLA Antigens"? the proteins expressed by any cell?

I apologize if I sound confusing and hope im understandable. I have reached a point where I developed a knot in my brain that I cant untangle and cant get clarity of this subject on my own. Thanks in advanced.
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