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Treatment of excessive sweating?

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If a man is found after wandering the desert and has sweated excessively he looses hypotonic fluid thus he becomes hypovolemic hypertonic. So wouldn't you treat him with hypotonic fluid to bring his values back to normal. It says in kaplan to treat him with isotonic saline. I was taught to replace the fluid that is lost (ex. hypotonic fluid). Is there any general rule to the type of fluid replacement treatments for these kind of disorders because I keep getting confused? thanks
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our main aim in fluid replacement is to maintain normal BP...for which we need fluid that mostly contribute to Intravascular compartment...

Normal saline is such a it is isotonic...if we give hypotonic fluid like .45%saline or 5% dextrose... it will rapidly diffuse in interstitial n intracellular less contribution towards intravascular compartment....

better to give NS first..once the pt. is hemodynemically stable...u can correct osmolarity based on etiology....:)
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