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Tumor Suppressor Genes

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I've been trying to memorize the list for the whole day
My God this is frustrating
I just can't memorize them
rb, p53, BRCA, DCC, NF, bla bla bla
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Tumor Suppressor Genes Mnemonic

Yah, I agree with you this is one of the most difficult tables to grasp and memorize
However, this might help you

As for the names, fortunately, they all adequately represent the diseases they cause (except perhaps for the most important one of them which is P53).
So for example VHL is simply von Hippel-Lindau, WT is Wilm's Tumor, Rb is Retinoblastoma, BRCA is breast Cancer, NF is for Neurofibromatosis, APC is for adenomatous polyposis coli, DCC stands for Deleted in Colon Cancer, DPC stands for Deleted in Pancreatic Cancer.

Now what's really difficult to remember (and often asked in USMLE) is the chromosomal locations of these genes.

this might help

Just remember that all the numbers are odd except for chromosome 18 in the case of DCC/DPC

The rest are:
3, 5, 9, 11, 13, 17 for these numbers remember
Very Peculiar Formula With Rusting P53
V = von Hippel-Lindau (three names and chromosome three)
P = Polyps as APC is in chr 5
Fm = Familial melanoma is in chromosome 9
W = Wilm's in chr 11
R = Rb in chr 13
P53 = in chromosome 17 and particularly the short arm
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Nice efforts Sabio,

but you forget to tell him that chromosome 17 is also the site of BRCA1-2
and also you forgot another even numbered chromosome which 22 in the case of NF2
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We may add ATM, Ataxia Telengiectasia Mitogenesis Gene on Chromosome 11
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p53, Rb

Write down RB with the left half of the R in red, and the right half of the B in red. The number 13 will appear, showing which chromosome it's on.

p53 5+3 is 8. Now start listing all the other combinations of two single digit numbers which could add up to 8.
Start off as

and just pick the first one, which is 1+7 i.e. Chromosome 17.
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For P53, mutation causes LI fraumeni syndrome.
rotate LI to 180 degree and u get chromosome 17Happy-2 seen this in another forum
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