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Highly motivated and enthusiastic female tutor available for your USMLE board preparation. I have a fervent love and desire to teach and help you achieve your goals! Keeping you motivated and on track with your preparation. With a variety of approaches to help your understand the material with an integrated approach.
Have had 4 of my students that ive been preparing with take the new format of the test, all updates will be addressed on how the exam has changed after may 11th. (Minor changes but important to keep in mind when approaching your study material)

My info:
Scored 237 on step 1 and a 245 on the CK
I offer reasonable prices and am personally an IMG that understands what it takes to do well on Step 1.
Currently Tutoring students in all 3 exams (Step 1, Step 2 CK and CS)
Starting residency next July. (Internal Med)
Helped many individuals with Concept Understanding (Pathology, physiology, pharm etc.) Question approaches, Time management, Stress management
Tutoring experience 24+ months
Fluent in Urdu, English, Spanish, Punjabi
If interested please contact for more info: [email protected]
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